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The tale of St. Mary’s Teacher training Institute can be traced back to 1930 like the tiny mustard seed of the bible, the seed of inspiration sown in the mindscape of the educationist’s began to germinate and sprout into a gigantic tree sheltering thousands of young girls hailing from poor families of the diocese of Vellore. Through the incessant work of missionaries the seed of knowledge was sown in the heart of many young girls.

It began as St. Mary’s R.C Higher Elementary training School that received permanent Recognition from the Director of Public Instruction on 22nd March 1938. On 9th June 1967 the Director of Public Instruction was pleased to upgrade Higher Elementary Training school as secondary grade Teacher Training School. On 14th February 1982 the Institute celebrated the Golden Jubilee .

From 1990 onwards the new syllabus was introduced and the Government Examination was conducted at the end of the both years. In September 1993, the Training Institute was brought under the National Council Teacher Education (NCTE). Till then it was under the Inspectors of Girls School. According to the norms laid down by the NCTE, a new building had to be constructed with a well-furnished library and laboratories for science, psychology and computers. The staff qualifications were also upgraded to collegiate level.
The Education Programme for the Trainees now comprises of a two months course on computer, social awareness programs at least thrice a year, guide captain training for 7 days, daily asana, catechetical seminar for 2 days, seminar on media education to love for 2 days and leadership training.