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Regular classes: Daily classes are held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The classes commences with an assembly. For Six hours, six subjects are taught and one hour is set apart for library, language skills, computer training, lesson linked activities etc. 10 minutes is set apart in the morning and in the afternoon for short recess. Lunch break consists of half an hour.

Daily Campus programmes: Daily assembly, Good morning talks and Good night talks for Hostellers, staff capacity building, individual counseling, spiritual formation.

Bridge course: Bridge course for 10 days at the commencement of the curricular transaction days of the course is conducted to initiate them into the D.El.Ed. Programme. The various activities are Inaugural function, ice breaking session, seminar on self development, leadership training, handwriting training workshop, spoken English training programme and Talents show etc.

Formation Programmes: Various seminars and courses are conducted throughout the year at various levels. Some of them are seminar on life skills such as stress coping management, transactional analysis, communication skills development, self awareness and motivation, positive thinking, emotional intelligence, Time management, Empowerment, Orientation for Teaching practice, Sex Education, SUPW (Socially useful productive work), Awareness programmes on HIV/Aids, First Aid Training and Herbal medicine training. Guidance and Counselling etc.

Reach Out Programmes: Social Service or Citizenship Training prgrammes, and other activities.

Scholarship programmes: Government Sc/ST/BC/MBC scholarship